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Same Owners. Same Family. NEW NAME!

We’re Changing Our Name!

Be assured, aside from our company name, nothing will be changing. We’ll still offer the same professional, service on which you have come to rely, our veteran owned and operated business will still be owned and managed by the same great family, and our signature red, white, and blue eagle logo will still fly high.

In the recent years, largely due to the feedback and requests from our customers like yourself, we have grown into much more, including the addition of our geothermal and generator departments, and we don’t plan to stop the growth anytime soon!

We’re proud to have provided the Washington Metropolitan area with quality residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services over the past 38 years and we look forward to continuing this exceptional service in the years to come.

How Do You Enter and How Do You Win $500.00?
Just submit your name submission by emailing us at or by filling out the contact form, located here and placing your name submission in the “Message” box. If we use your name suggestion, you will win $500.00!

Please feel free to share this contest opportunity with your family and friends!


Official contest rules: No purchase is necessary to enter or win. No submissions can be accepted after midnight, EST, July 1st 2016. In the event that the same name submission is entered more than once, contestants will be notified and the prize will default to the contestant who entered their submission first.  A.B. Chelini is not obligated to choose any of the submissions if A.B. Chelini does not find any of the names to their liking. Submissions not entered via email or A.B. Chelini website cannot be considered. Winner will be notified by email by July 8, 2016. You agree that, by entering the contest, you irrevocably assign and transfer to A.B. Chelini all right, title and interest in the name throughout the world, including, without limitation, all trademark rights, and you agree to execute any additional documents A.B. Chelini may deem necessary to evidence or effectuate such assignment. Once submitted, all submitted components become the property of A.B. Chelini.


Home Automation – The Future or Now?

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Geothermal Heat Pumps & Net Zero Energy Efficiency Buildings

As the U.S. market for green building design and construction evolves, we are hearing much more lately about net-zero buildings. Homes and commercial buildings that earn the net-zero badge of honor do so by demonstrating extremely high-performance in energy efficiency. To qualify as net-zero, a building must be able to prove that its total annualized energy-related operating costs are brought down to $0.00. Some net-zero buildings even produce more energy than they consume in a year, generating positive cash flow. These impressive feats are made possible via careful implementation of innovative architectural designs and detailed construction strategies — including smart integration of on-site renewable energy systems, especially geothermal heat pump technology.

The best of the best zero-energy buildings are developed using a combination of smart passive solar design, extreme attention to detail in the construction of the building envelope and insulation systems, and intelligently designed and correctly sized and installed geothermal, solar PV, and solar thermal systems.

Aggressive energy efficiency strategies, combined with geothermal heat pump systems, are by far the largest contributors to the ability of a building to reach zero energy nirvana in most climate zones by nature of their 24/7, rain or shine performance. Any building project attempting to achieve net-zero performance should always consider geothermal heating and cooling. In fact, it is extremely rare to hear of a truly net-zero building that does not implement some type of geothermal HVAC strategy.